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Well hello, nice to meet you!

We are PHILOMIJN, an accessories label, designed, shaped, made and born in The Netherlands in 2005. PHILOMIJN delivers original and timeless design. We like fashion, but we are not in fashion. Design, simplicity, quality and functionality should go hand in hand. The collection is designed by PHILOMIJN and brought to life by local selected craftsmen with this principle in mind… and hand. Twice a year, PHILOMIJN heads back to the drawing board to add new designs to their collection. Good to know – almost all the designs remain in our collection. Why change a winning team? :)

Cushion dark taupe 50x50 - suede

PRODUCT DETAILS Handmade in The Netherlands DESCRIPTION Comfortable soft cushion, comes with filling. SIZE 50cm x 50cm MATERIAL Bovine su...

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We look forward to welcoming you @

Blickfang Hamburg 
From 19 - 21 April 2024 we are present at Blickfang Hamburg.

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